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We operate in the following industries:

Chemistry • Pharma • Life Science • Biotech

Analytical services and contract synthesis • Food • Plastics • Automotive • Plant engineering

Glass and ceramics manufacturers • Construction chemicals • etc.

Our clients:

Manufacturer and specialist dealer for laboratory and analysis technology

Chemical, life science, diagnostics industry

Research institutes and start-ups in various scientific fields

Industry - medium-sized companies and international corporationsAcademia – Universities, research institutes Public institutions

Our Team –
our Services

  • We are specialized in scientific technologies and products
  • We are a “competent spokesperson” between manufacturers/developers on the one hand and markets/users on the other hand
  • Since 2004, we have been enjoying the confidence and trust of both sides

Where others just theorize, we implement. Because we are experts in our field, we talk to both management and scientists at eye level. In this way, we provide our customers with comprehensive support and manage our projects holistically.
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  • Team of experts with laboratory know-how from various application areas in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food, materials, life science, etc. in an industrial and academic environment
  • High communication competence
  • Successful on the market since 2004 – for more than 50 companies and institutes

Learn more about …

» Dr. Kirsten Siebertz

Dr. rer. nat. Kirsten Siebertz

founder and Manager of TDCLAB Dr. Siebertz GmbH
  • Studies of chemistry, doctorate in analytics and microbiology (University of Greifswald and FDA Institute in Jefferson, AR, US), several years of R&E activities at universities and in industrial projects
  • Since 2004: TDC.LAB as own company
  • Handling of projects where technical expertise, a sound market understanding, extensive contacts to relevant contact persons with the most varied contents on the market and a distinct, analytical know-how and concept-oriented thinking are important

Competence in sales, marketing and project management for scientific industry sectors, especially in the field of laboratory equipment, chemistry, polymers, lacquers, adhesives, biotech and life science

» the Team

Das Team von TDC.LAB

  • Sciences-related vocational training as well as industry and laboratory experience
  • Pronounced communication skills
  • Long-term employment with TDC.LAB

Your added value: in-depth knowledge and experience for qualified, image-enhancing and successful technical communication for the chemical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and other natural science industries.

we analyze & research ...

  • Market and Trend Analyses
  • Strategy Analyses
  • Due Diligence
  • Product and Technology Scouting
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Target Group Potential
  • Market Surveys and Expert Interviews…
» Support and management of design thinking processes

we connect ...

  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
  • Turning Prospects into Hot Leads
  • Market Penetration of new Industry Segments
  • Technology Transfer
  • Over 20,000 direct contacts to the market in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food, biotech, life science, materials etc.. at decision-making level, in the industrial and academic environment

we guide ...

  • Communication to retain Customer Loyalty
  • Cross Selling and Product Replacement
  • Development of Marketing Strategies
  • Product Management – creation of application-oriented product videos, development of application databases, PR with developed application stories
  • PMO for Innovation Projects
  • Keynotes Lectures/Impulse Speeches

Your added value in the area of external impact

  • We speak the language of your customers and your markets
  • Adequate image transfer of your company and your products
  • People listen to us well and with pleasure

Your added value in the area of competitive advantage

  • Direct and Close Contact with the Markets
  • Early Recognition of Market Opportunities
  • Knowledge: “What is the competitor doing in the market?”
  • Knowledge Advantage over Competitors

Your added value in the area of security for the future

  • We are “your direct line” to your potential desired customers of tomorrow
  • You develop products and technologies that meet the needs of your markets
  • Due to the broad market proximity you are able to act quickly and effectively in new situations

Your added value in the area of sales increase

  • Retain Customers
  • Increase Sales
  • Find New Customers
  • Capture New Target Groups
  • Develop User Benefit-Oriented Products
  • Strategically and Successfully Launch New Products in the Right Markets

Interview with Managing Director Dr. Kirsten Siebertz

Complete Interview (22:09 minutes)
Short portrait: TDC.LAB (2:47 minutes)

Summaries of the topics addressed in the interview

The time indication shows you the respective sequence in the full interview.

The customers of TDC.LAB
(From minute 2:42 – 3:30)
  • From various fields in the natural sciences – chemistry and similar
  • One focus: analytical technology and laboratory equipment
  • Corporations, medium-sized companies
  • Research institutes, start-ups
Example: Acquisition support
(From minute 3:31 – 4:34)
  • Lead Generation – Lead Nurturing
  • Market launch support of completely new products
  • Market expansion into new target groups
  • Cross selling
Long-term benefits of our cooperation
(From minute 4:35 – 6:59)
  • Direct lead generation (hot leads)
  • Lead development (medium-term effect, lead pipeline)
  • Extended market presence with effect on other market activities
  • Market analysis for the creation of future-oriented strategies
  • Data update as a basis for future targeted marketing activities
High acceptance of our discussions
(From minute 7:00 – 8:48)
  • Solution-oriented information presented in a compact format for the discussion partner
  • Discussions with users or decision-makers at eye level thanks to good knowledge of products and applications
  • We speak the “language” of the users and are competent and approachable at the same time
Product and technology segments
(From minute 8:49 – 9:51)
  • Scientific technologies and products
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical, life science, food, biotech, etc.
  • Industry, academic sector, analytical laboratories
  • Laboratory, pilot plant, production
Complex topics, too: e.g. Next Generation Sequencing
(From minute 9:52 – 10:45)
  • By means of goal-oriented briefing templates and individual document structures, a good competence for the discussions is built up on the existing basis of scientific experience
  • Building up further application knowledge as part of the communication activities
  • Close cooperation with clients
  • Thus no limits – often very complex and state-of-the-art technologies
Market studies (Topics and Occasions)
(Von minute 10:46 – 16:15)
  • Ensure market-oriented, future-oriented product development
  • Optimized design thinking process with TDC.LAB
  • Strategic planning in sales and marketing
  • Technology scouting, evaluation of companies, technologies for M&A

TDC.LAB is different

  • No pure web study, but insights from in-depth conversations with relevant market participants
  • Immensely large network (Since the foundation of TDC.LAB in 2004)
  • Incorporation of distinctive analytical-strategic competencies as well as many years of project experience
Technology Transfer, Development and Commercialization
(Von minute 16:16 – 18:59)
  • Due diligence – Evaluation of new technologies
  • Supervision of development for an optimal market focus
  • Commercialization of new technologies
    Address sources
    (From minute 19:00 – 19:45)
    • TDC.LAB- database with more than 20 000 decision makers from laboratories, pilot plants and manufacturing
    • Project-focused, pinpoint address research or address purchase from proven sources
    • Transfer of customer data for processing
    (From minute 19:46 – 20:11)
    • Activities are DSGVO compliant – lawyer’s report available
    • Data responsibility depending on project with TDC.LAB or client
    • If data are handed over – conclusion of a commissioned data processing agreement – DSGVO-compliant procedure on both sides
    Forms of cooperation
    (From minute 20:12 – 21:52)
    • Start with a pilot project
    • Usually, projects are continued in a long-term cooperation across multiple projects and areas
    • In many cases, use of acquired market and application expertise for
      additional product management activities for our customers, e.g.:
      – Development of application databases
      – Creation of white papers in cooperation with end users
      – Creation of practice-oriented user guides for the products
      – Organization of user seminars

    We are the link between supply and demand

    Expertise in sales, marketing and project management for scientific industries, especially in areas such as laboratory equipment, analytics, chemistry, polymers, coatings, adhesives, biotech and life sciences

    More than …


    Satisfied customers

    Years of experience

    Calls per year

    A selection of our references

    What our customers say

    Lead Generation and Market Analysis

    "Due to the great industry and practical expertise of all its employees, we can reply on TDC.LAB for 100%. In follow-up contacts, we hear over and over how positively the discussions with TDCLAB are perceived. The users feel taken seriously and well advised. This has enabled us to achieve our marketing and sales goals for the past years, in addition to continuously improving our image."

    Goal-Oriented and Strategic

    "TDC.LAB is goal-oriented and offers very valuable recommendations for strategic steps or the development of new tools such as application databases which have been derived from the long-term contacts with our markets. In many cases, the tools are developed directly after consultation with TDC.LAB. Their successful use in sales and customer support confirms how suitable the recommendations and the tools created are in each case."

    Market Analyses also with regard to risks

    "For us, TDC.LAB is a reliable partner for the market-oriented development of new products, for the preparation of strategic measures, but also for the market expansion of our products and the development of application-oriented information material. This combination is unique and particularly valuable. Through its in-depth market analyses and specific focus areas, TDC.LAB provides far-reaching insights for the future-oriented application of our strengths and develops new ideas on opportunities. Equally valuable is the pointing out of risks in future business ventures."

    efficient • productive • proactive

    "The TDC.LAB team provides us with excellent support in the productive and efficient design of our campaigns. TDC.LAB also proactively introduces optimization ideas and, after a corresponding coordination, consistently implemented by the team. The success of the campaigns can thus be increased even further. I am impressed with their approach and am therefore happy to recommend them. I will certainly continue to use their services."

    Familiar with the Industry

    "Due to the great familiarity with the industry and the content-related understanding of laboratory devices and their users, TDC.LAB is the ideal contact when it comes to raising awareness of laboratory devices and applications on the market. The immensely high number of market contacts in the many different industry and application segments, the direct approach to potential users in telephone calls and at trade congresses was able to lift our products into another dimension of customer perception."


    “TDCLAB is a reliable partner for us for the market-oriented development of new products, for the preparation of strategic measures, but also for the market expansion of our products and the development of application-oriented information material. This combination is unique and extremely valuable.

    Through its in-depth market analyses and specific focus areas, TDCLAB provides far-reaching insights for the future-oriented application of our strengths and develops new ideas for opportunities. Also valuable is the pointing out of risks in future business ventures.”

    Career at TDC.LAB

    Become part of our team!

    We are looking forward to people with experience in the laboratory field, an apprenticeship or a degree in a scientific context with good communication skills on the phone, also sometimes in English.

    Our current vacancies:

    We look forward to hearing from you

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